Make Life Interesting.

Stephen Pearce

Dreams are Sacred

For years I've been wanting to tell my story but was scared nobody would be interested.Here it goes...

Warrior Spirit

Since throwing his first pot at the age of ten by his father's side in 1953 Stephen Pearce has become a leading figure in Irish design and pottery. His high energy and free spirit have taken him and his pottery on adventure after adventure in the subsequent six decades. The resulting style he has become famous for is uncompromising in its integrity, functionality - and above all in its capacity to quietly please.

Soon after leaving school in the early sixties Stephen travelled overseas with a view to broadening his experience of life and pottery. He first worked under Ray Finch and Sid Tustin at Winchcombe Pottery in England where he also worked with Michael Casson. Stephen then travelled to France where he worked for Gwyn Hanse


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